You want to have your website created, but you're not sure how the whole process works? That's completely normal, so I've outlined and explained everything here in an organized way!

Step 1: Get in touch

First, just reach out to me and give me a brief overview of what it's about!
Do you want a website for yourself privately, for your business, for a book, for an event, for...?
Do you already have ideas about the content, design, and structure, or not?
How about financially, do you have a maximum or an approximate idea of what you want to spend?
Just tell me everything that's on your mind, we'll clarify details in the next step! If you provide me with a lot of information during the initial contact, that's great, but if you just write "Hi, I want a website", that's also not a problem! :)

If you want to provide yourself and me with a structured overview, you can use the Homepage Canvas I developed for that purpose. Feel free to fill it out and send it to me when you get in touch. It's not mandatory, but it can be very helpful for both you and me, making the initial communication easier :)

Step 2: Clarify details and exchange information

In the next step, I'll explain exactly what information I need from you.
We'll also discuss a rough financial plan.
The whole process can be done in writing or via video call or voice messages, whatever suits you.
We can clarify all your questions, and by the end, I'll have all the necessary information, and you'll have been able to ask all your questions and express your wishes.

Step 3: Design Draft

Next, I'll create an initial draft of your website based on our discussions.

Step 4: Consultation and Feedback

You'll review the design draft that I'll put online (protected and visible only to you) - if everything suits you, that's great!
If you have any change requests, big or small, now is the time to voice them! I'll adjust the website until it meets your wishes. Tell me everything you don't like or what you'd like differently, and in possibly several "feedback loops," we'll tailor everything to your taste. Of course, I'll also give my recommendations based on your feedback, so if you have a wish that's suboptimal from a design or psychological perspective, I'll tell you openly, but the decision always ultimately lies with you, so you're satisfied with the result!

Step 5: Go Live

Now it's time to make your website publicly available online!
You choose under which domain that should happen (e.g., ""). Ideally, you should register the domain yourself so that the website officially belongs to you and you have the rights to the domain. It's not complicated; I'll explain step by step how it's done, and I'm available to you at any time if you have questions!

Note: Registering a domain incurs ongoing costs; for normal domains, these are very low costs of approximately €5-10 per year.
Alternatively, we can also put your website online completely free of charge and without any effort for you under a domain. In that case, your domain doesn't end in .com or .net or similar, but in, e.g., "".

I'm here for you

Once your website is online, everything is done! Congratulations on your own website!
However, if you still have questions, problems, or wishes, I'm still here for you and reachable even after the website is completed.